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Car Fixed . . . Again Using Google

June 9th, 2013 at 11:13 pm

I while back I posted about fixing my car using Google:

Text is http://petunia.savingadvice.com/2009/05/31/youre-crazy-petunia_51390/ and Link is

I didnít actually fix it, but narrowed down the source of the problem and presented it to my car guys. The problem was intermittent and they had tried several ways to fix it that didn't work.

Yesterday the in-car fan in Mr. H's car stopped working. (No defroster! No air conditioner! No air movement in the car, except the 4-60.) Today Mr. H fixed his car using Google. . . and Youtube. He actually did fix it though. Using Google he found car owners of his make and model discussing this problem, as well as some more technical information. He watched some Youtubes and went out and got the replacement part. Installed the part and his fix seems to work.

The part was $50. Iím guessing it would have been $150 to $200 for the car guys to fix it.

3 Responses to “Car Fixed . . . Again Using Google”

  1. Maranatha Says:

    I have learned to fix, make and cook tons of things with google and youtube. That's awesome that you saved money by figuring out the problems yourself!

  2. Kiki Says:

    Nicely done!

  3. rob62521 Says:


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