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Weekend Shopping Trip - Frugal Family Fun

September 22nd, 2009 at 02:17 pm

A few weekends ago we had a family adventure buying socks and underwear. I guess this is what the somewhat-frugal family does for fun.

On that day I was casually reading the newspaper ads for a local store. I saw a coupon for underwear, but it was men's underwear. And buy two get one free on socks, but I had just bought tights the day before (using basically the same coupon). I commented on both of these items. Mr H doesn't seem to read the ads, but apparently he needed both of those items. Suddenly we had a mission for the day. To these two coupons we added the 15% off apparel coupon (not to be combined with any other purchase) also in the paper and away we went.

When we got to the store Mr. H veered off to get his items, while I took Daisy and we headed to the ladies section. Zounds! There they had a buy one, get the second one half off coupon! Hmm, is 15% off a better deal, or buy one get the second one half off? Should I get two packages of three each or one package of five?

I actually stood there in the store, pen & paper in hand, and did the math. Yes, despite calculators I can still do arithmetic. *

Eventually Mr. H came looking for us, arms laden with socks and underwear. We were to meet in front of the electronics department and when we didn't show in a reasonable amount of time he came to the ladies' department. I'm pretty sure he grabbed what was applicable for his coupons and did not spend time calculating.

In the end, none of the above items was as good a deal as buying a package of the very same underwear marked as a clearance item. They were almost $1 less per pair than any of the above.

* Due in large part to homeschooling Daisy and tutoring last year. I had to practice my math facts.

3 Responses to “Weekend Shopping Trip - Frugal Family Fun”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    A deal is a deal and well worth the time for the mini-math-lab! Good for you guys!

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    Checking in on you...how you doing over there???

  3. Petunia Says:

    Hi Lux! Thanks for thinking of me! We're doing much the same. . . I've partially written several posts but haven't posted them. With Daisy back in homeschool she spends a fair amount of time looking over my shoulder. Smile But look for a new one in the next couple of days. Or maybe today if everything falls into place.

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