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Hot Dog Bun French Toast

August 10th, 2008 at 01:25 pm

We went camping last week. We always have a great time - what's not to like about climbing trees, playing in the creek, riding bikes and hanging out by the fire? Mr H camped as a child and I camped with the scouts, and Daisy loves to go camping.

Usually we have some extra food at the end of our trip, and I create some leftover concoction for our dinner when we get home. After packing up the car, then unpacking at home, doing laundry and washing the camp dishes I'm really not up for a great deal of cooking. I'm getting better about estimating the amount of food for our trips though, and we didn't have a whole lot left over this time.

After we'd completed some of the chores Mr H and I were sitting at the table next to the food box. We had four hotdog buns left and somehow they'd gotten under a package of something else and were about half the height of their former selves. Mr H got a good laugh out of them, but I suggested hot dog bun french toast for breakfast the next morning.

That's what we ended up having for dinner last night - hot dog bun french toast. We even had Daisy do most of the cooking of it, furthering her life skills education. We combined this with leftover bacon and ham from our trip, and topped the toast with jam (we're out of syrup).

And Mr H gets extra credit. When we were discussing our dinner plans I suggested going out, and he said "No, I think we should make something from what we have on hand." Usually in this scenario we end up going out.

4 Responses to “Hot Dog Bun French Toast”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Sounds good to me. Waste not, want not, eh? Smile

  2. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    Good going!

  3. momsents Says:

    Good for you! For dinner tonight, I mixed up sticky white rice (had to finish it, 6 servings in bag), one bag frozen Oriental veggies, and chicken breast strips marinated in Honey Garlic sauce. All I was missing was cashews, and it was like a restaurant salad. The good thing is all the picky eaters could separate out what they wanted: rice and chicken plain, or any other combo.

    Hope you had a great time camping!

  4. boomeyers Says:


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