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June 12th, 2008 at 07:47 pm

We've been talking about vehicles here in the onion patch.

DH owns a 1992 full-sized truck. I have a 1993 station wagon. Both of our vehicles have had a few problems over the years but have been dependable. They also have 160000+ miles on them.

DH commutes about 15 miles, one way, to work. In a truck that gets 15 miles per gallon that's about two gallons of gas per day, not counting any driving around he does for work. He has really noticed the increase in gas prices.

On and off over the years I've brought up the topic of our aging vehicles and changing needs. When DH bought his truck he was a single guy doing construction. Now he has a family and a job that's more of a desk job. Meanwhile as Daisy has grown I've noticed that I do more "kid hauling" - I don't just take Daisy somewhere but a friend or two as well. Even well-maintained vehicles don't last forever, and my fear is that one day a transmission or engine will go out and we'll be scrambling to replace a vehicle. I'd rather anticipate that need if possible.

My previous attempts to engage DH in discussing our automotive future failed. Now with gas prices high DH has gotten more interested in replacing his vehicle. He has talked about it over the last several months, but again our conversations went no where in terms of action.

DH's parents are selling their car and DH decided that it would be a good choice. It is a 2004 Honda which they bought new. DH and I have had several discussions about it over the last few weeks. He has looked in to insurance for it and talked with a couple of mechanics (one a relative) about this model of car. I think the car is a reasonable choice, so I will agree to it. He has put a lot more effort into acquiring this car than I have seen him put into other things. At other times when we've talked about car replacement he just figured that he'd get a car loan, go to the nearest dealership and buy the first thing that he saw. (Well, maybe not the first thing but close - after 15 years I have a good idea how DH operates.)

The sticking point has been the money required to buy it. DH wanted to get a car loan but I wouldn't agree to that. Last week DH presented me with a list of sources and amounts for the money required for this car. I was impressed. He also says that once the money is straightened out for this car we will start saving for a replacement for my vehicle. I plan to hold him to that.

4 Responses to “Cars”

  1. merch Says:

    Wow. Really nice work. good job for your husband doing his homework and finding a good solid car. Good for you for sticking to your guns about not taking on new debt.

    And nice that your husband is going to rework the financing and present it back to you (for approval).

    Real nice!!! Now you are starting to work as a team.

    Great job on your part showing patience and restraint. Great job on your husbands part will to give anew way of thinking a try.

    Are you starting to see/feel changes in your marriage and how you view him? Do you feel you guys can talk about anything and work it out?

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Love the team work. Glad it will work out. I'm sure you'll be happy with your Honda. We just purchased our first one last week and I have been really enjoying it. Best wishes!!

  3. Amber Says:

    Team work always has the best outcome, way to go Smile and enjoy your new car

  4. Petunia Says:

    Merch - unfortunately, I'd have to say that teamwork is at a minimum for us. Now that the car has been purchased it's back to business as usual. Blogging helps keep me focused on nudging/goading/pushing/dragging him towards teamwork but it's an uphill road.

    Thanks Amber and creditcardfree. DH is enjoying the new car - he makes it a point to tell me how many miles he went on a tank of gas.

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