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The Sky is Not Falling

April 28th, 2008 at 12:59 pm

DH and I have talked about our finances twice since "the sky is falling" conversation last week.

The first conversation was the next night. DH now realized that the sky was not falling, but was not entirely clear on where to go from here, except that we should spend less.

The second conversation happened yesterday. The mood was right so I asked DH what he thought we'd be spending money on in May. With our two-checkbook scheme the regular bills are already covered, so this would be the other categories, like food, gas, clothing, recreation, household items and the like.

I made a list of everything we thought of. That came up to $410. Then we looked at what we had to spend money on. Looking at the cost of gas was rather shocking - between our two vehicles we estimated about $500 next month. Combined with groceries at $500, and church contributions at $100, we are left with $272.55.

Even though $272.55 doesn't equal $410, we stopped our conversation there, both realizing that the work is not done. The awareness is raised though, and I think that's key. With these items on our minds we're more likely to figure out a way to get them less expensively.

3 Responses to “The Sky is Not Falling”

  1. merch Says:

    Thatís great!!! You are where I was in December. Making the budget together and agreeing where the money is going will not only help out your finances but your relationship too.

    You are starting to become a team. Hey, if you can talk about money with each other and really listen and come to agreement, what canít you talk about?

    I am not saying you are out of the woods, but it must be starting to feel good. At least being able to talk and agree or disagree listening to each other and not having a screaming match.

    Once you get the budget done, you and your husband are going to have weak moments and your going to have to lean on each other. Also, there will be a whole lot more honesty. Everyone knows exactly where the money comes from and goes.

    Congrats!!! And just remember that this is just the first big step. Good luck and keep the focus.

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    The spender's mentality: If I wasn't one myself, I would've never understood it. Big Grin

  3. Petunia Says:

    Merch - ANY conversation we have that feels reasonably productive is good. (The ones that just end with "We need to spend less money" are not productive.) So discussing probable purchases is good. Thanks for your encouragement!

    BA - LOL!

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