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2009 Goals Update

January 19th, 2009 at 04:30 am

Mr H and I had a discussion about the EF in December. We agreed to take some of his bonus money and add it to the 4496.85 already in the Emergency Fund. We later discussed what type of account to put this money in and decided to put it in a three month CD. While it's possible we could lose some interest if we had to tap in to the account, it wouldn't be a huge loss. If we don't have to tap in to it the account will earn better interest than a money market account would.

So, Goal 1 (emergency fund to 8625.00) on my list is completed, six months ahead of schedule!

Goals 2 (budget for checkbook 1) and 3 (decrease food costs) are in progress, with more progress on 2 than 3 I'd say.

Goal 4 (stay away from coffee shops) has had minimal progress. I was given a Starbucks gift card which has helped our bottom line but not my coffee-out habit.

Goal 5 will probably get moved elsewhere, but I may blog about it from time to time.

I will add a goal of earning part-time or sporadic income. This has been in my head for a while, but strangely it's also under way. I was asked by a friend to help tutor some of her children.

2 Responses to “2009 Goals Update ”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Awesome! Wow, you and your husband are really making progress!

  2. merch Says:

    Goal 1 - Great job. Sounds like you and your husband are communicating better. Do yelling at the discusion? If so, I think you have made great progress and the financial stuff shuld be a lot easier.

    As for Goal 4 - Could you decrease it to Mon, Wed, Fri then in 2 weeks just go tues and thurs? Maybe tack up your goals somewhere that you see before you go to Starbucks? Just kind of refocus you?

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